SONS of the delta DUO THURSDAY 23 MARCH The Jericho - Oxford

'Tasty Nuggets' - Classic Rock's The Blues Magazine

Gonna be some sweet sounds coming down West Country style. 

Americans must snigger at Brits attempting to emulate the original US blues sound, but there's no need for mirth in the case of Sons Of The Delta, formed around Mark Cole and Rick Edwards from the South West of this island.

For once, here's a group that understands the value of economical songwriting, and Tasty Nuggets reaps the rewards accordingly. While the foursome deliver convincingly authentic electric workouts on Time Marches On and Downhome Blues, the Sons are at their best when they slow down, play less and let the melodies do the talking. Their mellow, gospel-infused version of the classic People Get Ready - a blissfully zoned-out five minutes — shows off their grasp of the less-is-more maxim; meanwhile, Water Will Rise strips almost all the instrumentation away to allow the splendid backing vocalists their moment. Righteous stuff. 


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