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A review of 'One For the Road'

Excellent musicianship and an unpolished, good time, approach has made ‘Sons of the Delta’, Mark Cole and Rick Edwards, a highly respected duo. Even Kent DuChaine says they’ve got ‘that sound’ just right.

‘One for the Road’ captures all the spontaneity and vigour that is a hallmark of their live shows. Almost all the tracks are original, with a mix of electric and acoustic numbers showcasing their skills through a variety of blues/Americana styles. I was particularly taken with ‘Poor Boy’, a traditional number played on a diddley bow – a home made one string guitar – in this case made by Mark utilising a couple of nails, a length of wire and his garage wall. The result is a very authentic sound indeed. Then there’s the Cajun influenced ‘One Sunny Day’, the driving rhythm and slide of ‘I’m going out’, the vocal gymnastics on ‘I asked her for water’… this is a first rate CD, full of interest and an uncompromising feel good factor from start to finish.

Linda Fisher (blues journalist & festival organiser)

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