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Recording Details

For audio geeks only!

The following equipment was used by the musicians:

Mark: Seydel and Lee Oskar harmonicas, Superlux D112C mic through a Silvertone 1482 amp, Eastwood Supro Coronado guitar, Teisco J5 guitar, custom Silvertone 1484 combo amp, Zither.

Rick: various Fender Stratocasters, Fuchs Blackjack 21 amp, Egnater Tweaker amp, Marshall 2 x 10 cab, Kay 504 combo, boss pedals, Amistar Resounder resonator guitar.

Lyndon: NXT Electric Upright Bass, Musicman Stingray bass, Selmer T&B 50 combo.

Marty: Pearl drums

Bill: Nord Stage keyboard

Studio Info

Mark mostly sang into an AKG C414 (BULS) through a DACS mic preamp although on some tracks he used a Shure SM7B.

For more details on the studio equipment visit the studio websites below

Monnow Valley Studio
Plump Hill Studio

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